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The exterior of the Mercat Central or Central Market in Valencia. Stairs leads up to three arches, which sit under ornate rounded awnings and comprise the entrance. The building itself has two rises. The main one is at the right side, where the roof rises diagonally on both sides before meeting a rectangular shaped protuberance in the center of the roof. To the left, a smaller triangular shaped section of roof rises. Eight arched windows line the front of the building, taking up its own section of wall. The windows vary in side with smaller windows on the sides where the roof if at its lowest and larger windows in the center where the roof is at its highest. Stained glass designs are at the top of each window, with the main center window having a circle stained glass design. Slatted blinds cover these windows. A group of people stands at the top of the steps at the righthand market doorway and the yellows awnings of horchata and churros stands are at the bottom of the market. To the left, a brick building with a slanted roof and tiled decorative work stands.

Visiting Valencia’s Mercat Central

European markets are some of the best things. Seriously. The quality of product and variety of product and sometimes the strangeness of product you can find in them is simply unsurpassed. Sure, they’re just big farmer’s markets/fish markets/meat markets. But they’re like big farmer’s/fish/meat markets everyday set in (typically) very cool buildings. Mercat Central de …

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valencia cathedral holy grail

Valencia’s Holy Grail

If you’ve been searching for the Holy Grail – and let’s be real, who hasn’t? – Valencia, Spain has one entrant into the race. It’s located inside the Valencia Cathedral in the Capilla Del Santo Caliz (the Chapel of the Holy Chalice) – I know… just a little on the nose, right? – and it’s …

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