The Art Of David De Limón In Valencia


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When you are walking around the city center of Valencia, it’s impossible to avoid the art of David de Limón.

It’s around so many corners, you feel as though you are being stalked by it.

And that’s a good thing.

De Limón is responsible for what has to be the most iconic (it’s certainly the most prevalent) character throughout the city.

Call it street art, call it graffiti, but, if you visit Valencia, there’s no doubt de Limón’s work will imbed itself in your memory as part of the city itself, so intimately linked you won’t be able to imagine these paintings anywhere else.

De Limon’s “Ninjas”

The first thing to know about de Limón’s masked characters is they aren’t really ninjas.

They look like them in their black clothes and black masks that reveals only their eyes.

Instead, they are street artists themselves, who must wear black and cover their faces to do their (illegal) work unseen.

It’s a fitting tribute in a city where the street art is so abundant.

Some of it is sanctioned, some of it isn’t, but it all adds flavor to the city.

And de Limon’s masked artists may be the main ingredient that holds it all together.

Valencia ninjas alley 2
Valencia ninjas gate color
Valencia ninjas pole
Valencia ninjas directional
Valencia ninjas fatty
Valencia ninjas gummy bears color
Valencia ninjas krome
Valencia ninjas stripes
Valencia ninjas paint blobs
Valencia ninjas rockets
Valencia ninjas scaffold
Valencia ninjas flag lady
Valencia ninjas sunset vert

Found at the end of an alley:

Valencia ninjas dead end color

The Impasse

From The Arabic (Narrow Street)

1 – Dead end street

2 – Cul-de-sac

3 – (Chess) Equalized position where the player who has to move worsens his position

4 – (Typography) Space between two columns of text

Valencia ninjas wave doorway

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