Valencia Street Art (Some Of The Best Street Art In Europe)

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Is Valencia, Spain the best city we’ve been to for street art?

It very well might be.

Only Brussels may top it.


It’s very, very close.

But, best or not, I CAN tell you unequivocally Valencia has some damn good street art. AND. SO. FREAKING. MUCH. OF. IT.

How much of the city is a canvas? Enough that you feel like you’re getting a free museum (or several) built right in.

From David de Limon’s masked artists to commissioned murals on store security doors, Valencia is quite a liberal city when it comes to street art. (Or maybe it isn’t. De Limon’s masked artist is supposed to represent the fact that street art is illegal.)

But it feels liberal. And that’s a really good thing.

Valencia street artist 1

Valencia Street Art in Pictures

Valencia girl on bike color
Valencia akimbo 1
Valencia double eyes
Valencia hair ey
Valencia heart eye
Valencia mummy color

The photo below is my favorite.

What I love most about street art is that it isn’t hidden behind museum walls. It’s just right there, living in the world among real things.

This picture captures that perfectly.

Valencia apartment block art
Valencia horse and snail
Valencia upside down man
Valencia human kite
Valencia monsters
Valencia whale
Valencia Skeletor
Valencia boo
Valencia authority mural
Good life advice, this one.
Valencia dont worries
This one too.

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