Celebrating Angel City FC’s Inaugural Season


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When we first heard LA was getting an NWSL expansion team, we did hesitate for a second.

LA is a fair drive from Vegas, after all, and that’s without the traffic.

We also know how things come up for us (i.e. we decide to take big trips on a whim even though we have season tickets), and it did.

We ended up spending a large chunk of our summer in Europe, thereby missing about half our games.

Still, despite all the likely complications, we did decide to buy Angel City season tickets… eventually.

We simply couldn’t help ourselves.

We liked the way they were doing things, we dig women’s footy, and we enjoy being where the lesbians are. (What can we say?)

Anyway, our Angel City season tickets were actually a really great purchase.

Not only were we able to sell literally ALL of are unused tickets, so no money lost, but these games have been an absolute blast.

Seriously. These are some of the most high-energy events I have experienced in sports.

And, for frame of reference, I have been to Cleveland Browns’ play-off games, Browns-Steelers showdowns, and grew up in the Midwest, where, as you might know, the passions at a high school football game are like attending the Super Bowl once a week.

Also, part of the summer we spent in Europe we spent in the UK for the Women’s Euro.

We were at Wembley for the final game. When England won. In England.

Was it loud? Absolutely. (I can’t imagine ever hearing “Sweet Caroline” sung at such a volume again.)

But as far as enthusiasm throughout the game, Angel City games… I think they’re more high-octane.

Sorry if that sounds like blasphemy, but it’s true.

The fans. Love. This. Team.

Every single game. From kick-off to the three whistles.

(You’ll never see a team down by so many points get so much enthusiasm for every corner kick. It’s like, “Yeaaahhhhh. We may only lose by two.”

I’m exaggerating. Angel City ended with a pretty good record for their first season.)

It helps that the investors and behind-the-scenes crew for this team are making such a dedicated effort at building community.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s a pleasure to be Angel City season ticket-holders, and, when we weren’t in Europe this past summer, we were roadtripping between Vegas and LA (7 games all in).

And we’re about to start doing it again.

(I’m also saying, go to an ACFC game. It’s a damn good time.)

Here’s our photo retrospective of the inaugural season.

Angel City’s First Home Game – Angel City FC vs NC Courage

April 29, 2022

Angel City Us
The “wall” at the first game of the season.
Peep my Big Bird socks.
AC Figueroa
Inside the Figueroa Club, a nice escape from weather of all kinds.
The inaugural Angel City tifo unfurls over fans in the supporter section at Banc of California. The tifo is a pink angel a pink cityscape of LA on a white background.
The Game 1 tifo unfurls over the supporter section.
The sun sets on Banc of California stadium before the first Angel City game of the first season.
The sun sets before the first game.
From these seats, a late game was always a relief to the ole eyeballs.
The players line up on field for the kick-off at Angel City FC's 1st home game. Christen Press stands at midfield. Jun Endo and Ali Riley are in the foreground.
Christen Press stands over the ball as the teams await the whistle.
The big screen says "Angel City Wins" at Banc of California stadium. Fans celebrate in the foreground. An ACFC scarf is visible above the heads of the crowd.
The big screen says it all. And maybe set the tone for the season?
(Pretty sure no one in the stands expected it. I know I didn’t.)

Pride Night – Angel City FC vs Houston Dash

June 7, 2022

Pride flags with the Angel city logo line the entrance on Pride Night at the Banc of California.
Pride flags at the gates.
Mariachi Arcoiris, an LGBTQ mariachi band, plays at the Banc of California.
Mariachi Arcoíris – the world’s first LBGTQ+ mariachi band.
A large American flag and pride flags are held open on the field at the Banc of California. The far side of the stadium meets the sunset sky in the background.
Angel City fans hold a rainbow flag on the field at Banc of California.
rainbow smoke rises over the field at Banc of California for Angel City's first Pride night
Christen Press wears a Pride jersey at ACFC's first Pride night.
Press’s first Angel City Pride jersey.
ACFC's team with Press in the front is on the big screen in their Pride jerseys. On one side of the team, the clock counts down to kick off. On the other, the screen says "Pride Night."
Christen Press and Simone Charley stand on the field in Pride jerseys during the ACFC vs Houston game.
Shawna and Riley lean in for a close-up.
Just a couple of gays being extra gay on Pride Night.

Not pictured: Our gay socks and gay shoes.

Though, I did take a picture of our shoes.

I take lots of pictures of shoes.

Especially my own.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I think it’s an addiction.

(yeah, what is her deal with shoe pics? – Shawna)

Copa Angelina

September 5, 2022

Fans cheer in the supporter section. In front of them, a screen shows a fan close up and screens display "Copa Angelina"
The Mexican National team runs forward on the pitch. Angel City players dot the field between them. In the background, fans look on from the stands.
I love the way this photo took. Some players in motion, some standing still.
Savannah McCaskill is a blur of motion as she takes a free kick from the sideline. Players from ACFC and the Mexican National team are in blurred motion in the background.
And the motion in this one.
A screen shows the attendance as 17,721 for the Copa Angelina as the teams play in the foreground.

Last (Home) Game of ACFC’s First Season – Angel City FC vs Racing Louisville

September 25, 2022

Wheeled signs that say Volemos Angel City FC Volemos sit on field before Angel City's final home game of the season.
The sun makes a perfect visible circle over the players on the field at Banc of California.
A fan's hand dominates the foreground. In the background on a screen, ACFC players celebrate a goal.
AC Emslie corner kick 1
The big screen reads Thank You ACFC Fans at the end of the final game of Angel City's first season.

That’s about it.

Onward to the second season.

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