About Shawna & Riley

We (Shawna and Riley) met in college in Nashville in 1997 and have been traveling together ever since.

Our first official road trip was to Florida for Spring Break, a trip that was at Shawna’s whim, that we left for at like 9 o’clock at night, and for which Riley forgot to pack both socks and underwear.

Since then, we have lived in multiple cities/states in the U.S. and two cities in the Netherlands.

Currently, we’re in Las Vegas, avoid The Strip as much as we can, and take a ridiculous number of road trips to Southern California.

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About Shawna

I was raised by humans in Tennessee, and the earliest trip I remember was to Gatlinburg, or maybe Florida.

My parents really, really loved Destin, Florida.

Shawna about

Shawna’s Travel Stats

Favorite City: Edinburgh

Best Surprise Find: Madaba, Jordan

Most Overrated City: Lisbon

The City On No One’s List That Everyone Should Visit: Heidelberg, Germany …and Casey, Illinois (I’m kidding…or am I?)

Most Wow Travel Moments:

  • driving from Maine up into Quebec surrounded by water and amazing scenery (related: driving the Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver to Whistler)
  • watching a storm roll in on the Aegean on our walk to the grocery store in Milas/Muğla, Turkey
  • being driven up in the winding, cobblestone roads in Coimbra
  • that first glimpse you get of Venice
  • Seeing how much a meal costs in Switzerland

Favorite Thing In Any City: cool street art

Best Ever Food Find: maybe duchess potatoes in Switzerland, or that time I took a wrong turn at a roundabout in southern France and we ended up at a bakery, no it’s definitely the Hopjes cake in Den Haag at Vienna Konditorei (Plaats 30) – it’s in the square near the McDonald’s across from the Binnenhof and looks a lot like a tiny yard shed with some tables outside.

Most Overrated Famous Food: Sacher torte

About Riley

I was raised by humans in Ohio, and the earliest trip I remember was to the New England states… I think.

Maybe it was just the most scarring.

Riley SB

Riley’s Travel Stats

Favorite City: Edinburgh

Best Surprise Find: Dunfermline/Soave

Most Overrated City: Is it… Vegas?

The City On No One’s List Everyone Should Visit: Madaba

Most Wow Travel Moments:

  • Stepping out of the train station the first time in Venice
  • Rolling up into Sultanahmet, Istanbul the first time
  • Driving through the Alps
  • Often driving through the American West

Favorite Thing In Any City: Churches/Street Art

Best Ever Food Find: Pretty much anything I put in my mouth in Turkey

Most Overrated Famous Food: Italian Pasta

About The Photos On This Site

All photos on this website were taken by us (unless otherwise indicated).

They were shot with a variety of cameras over a variety of years at a variety of qualities under a variety of conditions.

I (Riley) do most of the photo-taking, carry most the real cameras, and do all of the editing.

My aim with photo edits is to get the closest approximation of what we remember seeing with our own eyes.

That doesn’t always happen, of course. I only have the photos I have to work with, memory is subjective, and reducing for the web sucks.

But if you hate what you see, it’s on me.